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We also offer professional car dismantling services, including the purchase and collection of vehicles ready for dismantling. End of life vehicles (“ELV”) are classed as hazardous waste until they have been fully treated and de-polluted. FJ McGirr & Sons is fully regulated by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (“NIEA”), as an “Authorised TreatmentFacility” for the purposes of treating ELVs to the high standards required by European law. We hold a licence to recycle 20,000 vehicles per year at our treatment facility. FJ McGirr & Sons can issue you with the certificate of destruction (“COD”) for any ELV vehicle on behalf of the DVLA, so that your vehicle can be legally declared “off the road”.  FJ McGirr & Sons are proud to help with this contribution to the environment and currently are compliant with  the 95% ELV recovery rates as set by NIAE.

Further information on end of live vehicles can be found on the website for the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs:

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